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Which issues can be helped by writing and creativity?


There is no magic wand, although I believe almost any issue can be made better through journalling and a creative approach.

Examples of issues clients have brought to counselling include stress, anxiety, overthinking, overwhelm and burnout.  Some clients are looking to explore questions around finding meaning or purpose, exploring identity, or finding their way through a challenging period of transition or loss.


Do I have to write in every session?

That depends on you!  As a counsellor, I am always led by my clients.  Some clients like to write for a lot of the session, some clients prefer to use journalling and other writing techniques at home between sessions (and I have lots of suggestions about how to keep that writing private).  Although it can feel daunting at first, writing can be a great way to work out what it is we really want to say… and it can be an effective way to break the ice too in the first few sessions! 


My handwriting, grammar, spelling (etc.) are terrible…


This is definitely not a problem!  Handwriting, grammar, spelling and punctuation don’t matter.  This is not school and it’s not a lesson so we’re not looking to write perfectly crafted pieces… instead, I’ll encourage you to use journalling and other writing techniques to explore the issues in your life.


Do I need to share my writing?


You will never be required to share your writing with me, although you may choose to.  I will never ask you to write or share anything you’re not comfortable with.


I’m not creative… Is this for me?


I believe we are all creative and able to ‘make a mark on the page’ through writing or another creative medium such as drawing or image work.  Using writing in a therapeutic way can be as simple as writing a list of the things that are troubling you.  My approach is non-judgemental and non-interpretative - the only perspective that matters is what a piece of writing or drawing means to you. 


How can writing and creativity help in counselling?


There is increasing evidence that writing and creativity are beneficial to mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as helping us to gain insights into situations that might not have emerged so readily through talking.


Can I have a one-off session of writing therapy?


Yes, you are welcome to have a single session to explore a specific issue in your life or to more generally enhance your wellbeing.  Fees are charged at the same rate as for counselling.



Find out more about writing therapy and other creative ways of working in the Resources section.

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